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Imagine the horror of the hostages

2023-10-21 (019)

  • Youtube
Right now there are at least 212 hostages in Gaza.

A group of filmmakers has joined The Hostages and Missing Families Forum, to help and create global awareness.

This incredible 📹 was edited by one of them, Snow

Here are his words, they stand for themselves 👇:

"I’ve been locked in the editing room for a few days, surrounded by unimaginable terror stories, from the devastating Hamas massacre on Oct. 7th. A lot of anger, frustration but mostly sadness.

Entire families were butchered, separated, burned alive by abhorrent savage killers. So many hostages taken. Babies, young children, women, men & the elderly. Heartbreaking.

Imagine the horror of the hostages… What they had to go through. No one knows where they are. Their families, broken & torn, not knowing anything about their health or captive conditions. They don’t know if they are wounded or even alive.

Video Transcription:

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