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Liberalism is about principles, not death charts!

2023-11-04 (084)

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On October 7th, Israeli citizens were murdered in their beds by the Hamas, while Web Summit leader Paddy Cosgrave ignored their plight. Qatar, where his next conference is, houses Hamas leadership. Coincidence? Real liberals have principles, and don't sell out their values to secure a fancy conference location.

Video Transcription:

Um web Summit is tech utopia.

Once a year, over 70,000 people gather to celebrate

digital optimism at the biggest tech conference in Europe.

Iv'e been there, is awesome.

Privileged Internet entrepreneurs, big

tech executives, celebrities, influencers.

We attend panels and keynotes talk

about innovation at sensitive dinners.

You're going it.

As long as investors throw money at us,

we can solve any problem in the world.

We feel like the chosen ones.

The co founder and CEO of

Web, Samit, is Patty Cosgrove.

He's Irish, tech savvy, well educated.

170 countries will pass through the door.

A global citizen of the world.

In his own eyes, Patty is the definition of liberalism.

So on October 7, while we Israelis were still being

massacred, patty went on Twitter and posted a chart.

A 15 year comparison of casualties.

Israelis on one hand, Palestinians on the other.

No word of grief, no shock about

murderous acts, just a contest of deaths.

He was just using data.

For six days, he kept

on reposting criticism about Israel.

But then, on October 13, another tweet, this

time blaming all Western governments for not condemning

Israel for committing alleged work crimes.

Patty pointed his pseudo liberal finger at us.

My name is Ron Harnigan.

I'm a tech entrepreneur.

Like thousands of others here in Israel,

they call us the startup nation.

In the last seven months, we

joined the fight for Israel's democracy.

We marched the streets fighting for

human rights, LGBT rights, minorities, women.

We're not less liberal than Patty or

Greta or any other AOC out there.

We attended Web Summit in droves, and

we will never do it again.

Fortunately, many brave tech leaders and tech companies

from all over the world joined us.

The state of Israel emerged from

the biggest genocide in modern history.

It was founded on a clear principle that the

world shared with us for the last 75 years.

Never again never again will Jews

be slaughtered just for being Jews.

It's the glue that keeps us together.

You see, Patty, what happened on October 7 was

not another data point on your fucking chart.

It was something else, unbearable.

These were not people fighting for their freedom.

At 06:29, a.m.

3000 heavily armed Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel with

only one mission to kill, burn, extinguish every

soul they met on their way.

They entered their homes, shot

the elderly, women, babies.

They broke into a rape party.

I'm sure you've been to some paddock.

They killed hundreds of beautiful souls,

raped women, kidnapped the rest.

80% of the bodies were found mutilated, raped, burnt.

Desecrated crimes against Steve Maddox was a

genocide of Jews, the biggest one since

1945 in the land of never again.

Want to talk about charts? Here's one.

In World War II, 4.2 million Germans

died versus 300,000 Americans and 357,000 British. Data.

October 7.

When Daddy tweeted his data, he was in Qatar.

His next conference takes place there in February.

Country that despises its LGBT community, discriminates

against women, owning the best football clubs

in Europe and spends billions on the

best universities in America.

Patty's New investors are also

the biggest investors in Hamas.

They live there, next to his Sotoliberal summit venue.

You see, we all tend to fall into the same

habit based on the narrative we want to stand behind.

We fight climate change or Wall Street, or colonialism.

We identify with the underdog.

It makes us feel right.

But what happens when the underdog commits genocide?

And what happens when you realize that the underdog would do

it again on a mass scale, if they only could?

October 7 was not another day in the conflict.

If we Israelis will not go after the

people who killed 1500 of our brothers and

sisters, then we have no right to exist.

Liberalism is about principles, not destroy.

You're not fighting for freedom by supporting genocide.

We ask you to tell the difference.

Please do the right thing.

Stand with Israel.

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