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You should be afraid!

2023-10-21 (018)

  • Youtube
Listen to Caroline from Italy, she is afraid! Aren’t you?
I absolutely stand for peace on both sides. All the innocent people deserve protection and peace. But why am I only seeing these types of hateful acts (spitting on body’s, flipping off and ripping down posters of hostages and the chants for death) from one side? Can anyone explain this to me? My Jewish friends are getting dms and threats for their life! And being told they wished they’d all die!!! What did they do personally to you? Nothing! As a complete outsider I can honestly say i am not seeing the same level of hate coming from the Jewish people. They are not flipping off and ripping down flags and posters and chanting death to a whole community, they are not cheering about the casualties caused by this war! What the heck? Am I totally missing something? If you are standing up and cheering for these things please unfollow me you are terrifying to me. I want both the Palestinian people and Israelis to find peace and safety immediately and i truly hope that happens but those spewing these hateful things at innocent people need serious mental help and I don’t know how you got to this point.

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